MS pushing more proprietary security (and hard)

Microsoft has been talking about Sender-ID for some time. Now they are making headlines in pushing the technology into their mainstream applications. But one major publisher cannot tell the whole story (they never do).

Word has it that as of yesterday, Microsoft’s Hotmail service now requires incoming email to be Sender-ID compliant. Some email marketing firms can jump on the bandwagon for their clients, and get emails through Hotmail without much trouble. But what about the little guy?

You can bet that a lot of emails are going to get bounced, or wind up in the junk mail folder. While MIcrosoft might think this is a good move, as floods of people will now move to their camp, many others will not, and the only ones who will suffer are Hotmail users.

On a separate note, Microsoft is set to release an update of its anti-spyware beta software. I wonder if this update will block all functionality of the Google Toolbar?

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