Scammers are SO SO silly

I am trying to sell a nice little laptop via Craigslist. And sure enough, I receive a flood of offers for more than the asking price, by folks who spell like a first grader (actually, that is insulting first graders).

Crazies calling themselves “Sean Craigs” and “Samar Moreex” even go as far as to mock up fake Paypal and Bidpay “payment notifications” – afterword which they demand shipment before “accepting” these payments.

Note: that if you are interested in a loaded Dell C840 still under next day warranty, send me an email, and I will send you the details.

Now, on to the scam barrage..

Here are a few of the emails I recieved (I’ll get them posted to the database forthwith):

hi seller
i was going through craigslist when i saw your item displayed and i
fell in love with it bcos its nice i will love to have it for my self,i do buy things from ebay when i need an item,so its like i really need
these item and i will want to purchase it quickly . i am just coming for the first time ,so i dont knowhow you pay in these site so i will want you to tell me the kind of method of payment you accept for these item but i think paypal will be better bcos i have an account there you
will give me your paypal account mail and i will send your money to
your account but if you accept any other means mail me back .
thx asap reply
sean craigs

He “fell in love” with my laptop – he needs some company.


Message-Id: <>

hello micheal,
have sent the money so i will need your full info and tell me when you will be around for me to do my pickup with my account and i will need the lbs of the item.
am wating for your reply

For the other guy..

Hello Seller

please can you let me know the condition of the unit and all accessories.

waiting for your prompt response.


Of course, the post says all, but this guy wants more detail anyway.


– MINT w/many extras! – $1450
Message-Id: <>


thanks for your quick response, i know this a great product and am purchasing this item for a friend, which I will offer for $1,700.00 if my offer is accepted, we can end the auction and proceed, which i will make an immediately payment, kindly send me your contact address, so i can send the payment immediately Bidpay which is a fast and secure. Note I want this item to be ship upon payment made/payment notification from Bidpay.

I always get intouch with some buyers/friend outside the states. Meanwhile, am paying for the shipping cost, which I had contact my fedex Courier company concerning the shipment, the shipment will be charge through my fedex account, so you will not be charge for any bill.

If you still have any other item, kindly let me know we can still work things out after this first transaction done.

Waiting for your quick response.


I would love to show you the payment confirms these jokers sent, but it is just too much for this post. They are using return addresses from places like and, utilizing webmail, and forging headers where ever possible.

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