Who has “only one?”

Checkbridge, makers of the Border Scout anti-spam and virus filtering solution, just completed a study that says having one mail scanner is not enough.

Now I know Checkbridge is in the business of selling scanners, but I just have to say “so what” to this groundbreaking piece of news. Anyone remotely prepared for the daily bread of spam, viruses, spyware, and the like already has more than one layer of protection.

Lets take little ‘ol me for example. Spamroll sits on a Red Hat Linux box, running MailScanner. Layer one. When I check my POP account, Norton Anti-Virus takes care of me again. Layer two.

I think a lot of folks don’t realize that their ISP is likely running some type of scanner as well, and that as long as they have some decent anti-virus software installed (along with a junk mail filter in their POP email program) on their desktop (or laptop), they two-layered as well.

So lets move on now, shall we?

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