12 minute trip to hell

We have heard this a few times before, based on various security firm tests. But just so people don’t get complacent about internet security (or think that the firms doing the tests are just there for pushing products), here it is again…

It can take as little as 12 minutes for an unprotected PC connected to the internet to catch some sort of nasty bug. That is less time than it takes to get anti-virus, anti-spyware, and a firewall installed on a fresh PC.


Adam D says:

I so agree with you. My feeling on the phishers, though, is that they are quickly wearing out their ability to do any real harm just by being so mass-volume about what they do. I have severe filtering in place on my email and I still receive numerous phishing attacks claiming to be from banks I have never heard from. These people are just plain stupid. It doesn’t matter how slick the phishing website is: if a user gets burned once, believe me they will tell people about it. Who in their right mind would ever respond to even a legitimate warning from a bank as a result? Spammers are stupid, phishers are even more stupid. It can only last so long.

Most people I know have switched almost exclusively to Instant Messaging which believe it or not does offer greater control over who can ping you. No bank in their right mind would ever use IM for these purposes either.

The internet is lame for now but I don’t think it’s going to continue on this route. People are seeing more and more stories about it. I think the media should have considered this exact scenario when everyone was talking about how you HAD to be on the internet back in the late 90’s.

I notice nobody comments on here. Maybe I’m the first? 🙂

(Completely fed up with spam)

P.S. you should definitely encrypt any email addresses if you expect anyone to actually post one on here. 🙂

Michael Gracie says:


Appreciate the comments. As for encrypting email for comments, well I don’t do it because I don’t think commenting is necessarily an open invite to contact you – meaning..I’d never bother you anyway so a fake address is fine by me. I use the contact page for any off topic communication. Again, thanks for the insight.


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