A fine time for the internet

How did we get here?

I don’t love the internet, as it is neither my dog, my girlfriend, nor a human member of my family. I hope nobody else falls in love with it either, or they should find somebody to talk to about their social introversion. But the internet is extremely useful, and it has changed the way we do business, gather news, and organize our daily lives.

It can certainly be a “like”/hate relationship though, and I am wondering how it became so.

I don’t type away on this blog for my health or my wealth – I do it because I actually hope people will get a clue. And while Pew says internet users are figuring out the dangers of net use, I take everything they say with a grain of salt nowadays.

Phishing attacks are growing by leaps and bound. The numbers are staggering – attempts are up more than 200% over the last few months. Furthermore, a third of those emails contain some sort of virus, or link to a site stuffing trojans on the computer.

Sophos recently reported record malware circulation, with roughly 8,000 distinct programs detected – an increase of 60% so far this year.

Of course, I could do like everyone else and point the finger at one of the main culprits – holes in the Windows operating system – but I will refrain (ha ha). Yea, I won’t beat a dead horse too much, but it does piss me off that I had to buy an Apple to avoid much of this crap, while finding it difficult to sell my lovely Windows slab for a third of what I had in it.

No, I am not bitter. But I suspect some people are. Who or what is to blame? Commercialization, Microsoft, internet protocol v4, criminals’ inability to find honest work, computer users’ lack of desire to learn (how to operate with caution), or something else?

I don’t have the answer, but I hope someone could CLUE ME IN.

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