Blame it on gangs

You can blame some of the drug epidemic on gangs, you can blame some prostitution rings on gangs, and you can even (obviously) blame gang violence on gangs. But I don’t get how folks are blaming soaring malware levels on gangs.

Yes, there is more malware (in the form of Trojans and zombie makers) rearing its ugly head nowadays. And yes, more of that code intends on separating someone from their money. But that doesn’t necessarily make it a “gang” problem – it makes it a simple economic one.

Microsoft took a lot of money out of the world’s hands with its operating system and other softwares. Now some people are trying to get some of that money too. They won’t get it from the boys in Redmond, as Microsoft doesn’t ever seem in much of a hurry to fix their systems problems, and may even be getting into the XXXware business themselves. So innocent folks take the heat.

XXXware is big business, drawing companies of all shapes and sizes into the game. Semi-legitimate companies can spin words to increase the credibility of their actions, and its called advertising.

There is a lot of money floating around the efforts, and just because someone gets entrepreneurial about it, doesn’t automatically make it some “gang” problem. And yes, there is some criminal element lingering around – I just want to see someone come up with some empirical evidence on this “gang” thing before labels are thrown around.

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