eGreetings and more

Blue Mountain, the online greeting card company, sold for hundreds of millions, and everyone loved getting their product. I doubt anyone thought those cute little dancing greetings would become such a nightmare. Yes, I have talked about these things several times before (see here and here), but I am not trying to harp on the issue. There is a point here, and it is based on trends.

I think the next place malfeasance is going to rear its ugly head is in popular services such as Evite. Seemingly innocent, revolve around fun, and preying on the fact that so many folks rely on online elements for organizing their social lives. I could reach further by saying that, eHarmony and the rest of the online dating services might not be far behind either, due to the sheer numbers using the services (giving spammers potential similar to blanket sending of financial services phishing lures much like getting a Washington Mutual security notice when you know you don’t have an account there).

Then again, I could be completely off base, since I don’t use any of those services (I am not afraid of picking up the phone, and like my social schedule planted firmly in my notebook’s calendar), so I am not sure what types of security measures they take. Nor have I figured out what some bad hacker stands to gain, other than trashing someone’s computer. Any thoughts?

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