Microsoft making fast friends in spyware

Microsoft is up to something. I am not sure if it is good or bad.

First it was rumored that the boys in Redmond were thinking about buying spyware extraordinaire Claria. Now Microsoft has made the interesting move of downgrading Claria adware detection.

I initially thought the idea of buying Claria was a good thing. MS would get a hold of the ad purveyor, clean up its act, use the technology to build better spyware blockers into the Windows operating system, and generate some ad revenue for its web properties to boot.

Now, it is beginning to look more like a sneaky partnership, based solely on extracting dollars instead of providing computer users with any additional security benefits.

I say “ouch” out of one side of my mouth, and “glad I am on OS X” out of the other side.


Of course, it didn’t take Microsoft long to deny all of this, but I will let you be the judge while the Slashdot crowd plays jury in deliberation.

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