On Donner, on Blitzen, on Zombie

As if you were a bit skeptical about the idea that setting up a bigtime spam reporting system might not work that well, based on the fact that so much spam comes from zombied PCs whose owners have no idea what is going on, here’s something that might change your mind.

According to MX Logic, roughly 62% of spam came from zombies during the month of June, and it has been growing fast.

Fortunately, Sophos is coming to the rescue. They are about to release a product designed to let companies know about spammer-controlled machines on their networks. My guess is there will be another product release soon, designed to report zombie machines to ISPs, then half the world will get bounced off the net.


Iain says:

Whilst it may cause some annoyance to users, will actually get them to plug their own gaps? Or do Sophos et al need to write software to do this (now, get paper and tear off…)

David Hart says:

There is nothing new about all of this. However, in point of fact, the vast majority of zombies are in dynamic space which should already be blocked by most mail servers.


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