Richter off ROSKO

According to Brian McWilliams, Spam King Scott Richter has been taken off ROKSO, otherwise known as the Registry of Known Spam Operations.

Now speculation is being made as to whether Richter has gone legit. I say it is simply too soon to tell.

In order to get off the ROSKO list, a spammer has to comply with a fully confirmed opt-in mailing list, meaning people must sign up to receive mail and confirm that signup in an additional email. Richter claims he has done this, and he likely has (something being removed from ROSKO proves as well). But he and his company are being scrutinized by the US Bankruptcy Court, for goodness sakes. If he continued spamming, the US Trustee, Microsoft, and all the rest would be screaming bloody murder, and the judge might very well throw the case out (as Richter filed primarily to avoid the pile of lawsuits following him around).

Two points will need to be considered going forward. First, will Richter’s operations suffer from opt-in, such that the business results decline enough to question its going concern capabilities? And second, will Richter start spamming again once a bankruptcy plan is confirmed (if it ever is)?

Time will tell.

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