Wishful thinking down under

I call this wishful thinking, because there is great software out there (like SpamAssassin) which still has trouble stopping spam. Nonetheless, the Australians think they can do a better job by getting email users involved in the fight, and are about to distribute some spam reporting software to assist.

Unfortunately, much of the spam you see in your inbox each day does not come from a bigtime spammer – it comes from their unknowing minions – meaning zombie computers.

Zombies are machines (usually Windows machines) that have been infected via trojan programs. One of the main goals in infecting a computer is to hijack it for spamming purposes. Meaning, there are a whole lot of folks out in cyberspace that are spamming, and they don’t even know it. One of the culprits is broadband, with its always on connection, and the other is usually Windows, with its “always weak” security. And computer hijacking is going nowhere but up, up, up.

If you still don’t get it, then read this latest trojan warning carefully. The trojan in question is designed to hijack the recipient computer, for use in none other than spamming!

The Australians are about to start chasing ghosts, its just that the ghost will be walking and moaning.

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