Free blog spam, or is that free spam blog

While hundreds, or thousands or millions of new blogs are being created each day (I have heard all those numbers spewed), I never thought the crap would reach such a crecendo.

Google’s Blogger offering has been under extreme heat as of late. No sooner did Blogger released its MS Word to blog tool, then people cryed out that now it would be even easier to create spam blogs. And if a recent report is correct in saying that 60% of all Blogspot sites are spam blogs already, then maybe they have a point.

And the battle keeps raging.

Mark Cuban, the multi-billion dollar media and entertainment wonder, made the point of saying that the more spam blogs were produced, the more the rest of us lost out. He has a point. If people go looking for info from a blog and all they find is garbage, then maybe they will quit looking. Hopefully some will find what they need in an offering, however, and become a regular reader. I also think it was the “find” part that Cuban was most interested in, as IceRocket (a blog search engine Cuban is an investor in), quickly threatened to ban all Blogger blogs from its index. While IceRocket is a non-issue right now (as a small search engine), it has some backing and some focus, and could be a force to be reckoned with down the road. Meanwhile, Google heard the rumblings, and added a weak countermeasure. The jury is still out on it.

Now, Blogger has been beat up enough for the past week, so now lets point fingers at MSN’s blog offering.

The bottom line here is, as long as people can set up and post for free, this is all going to be nothing but a big headache for the service providers. And since the Googles, MSNs and Yahoos of the world are the ones most likely to feel the additional pain in terms of bad search results, it behooves them to do something about it, and quick.

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