Buying in to high health care costs

As of late, I have heard a lot of independent folks (you know, the ones working for themselves, hustling for their next mortgage payment, but not having to answer to “the man”) talking about heading back into the corporate world. The reason: health insurance. They say their individual and family policy premiums are just getting out of hand. Unfortunately, going to work for someone else may not be the answer, as rising premiums are threatening job-based coverage too.

I have heard every reason under the sun as to why insurance costs keep going up, including massive inefficiencies in the system, billing fraud, overly rich doctors, the subsidy of the uninsured, etc. etc. etc. But with prices continuing this steep climb in an obviously troubled industry, why is a premier private equity firm like The Blackstone Group buying into a health insurer?

They obviously know something I don’t.

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