No need for facts in spam fight

I am reading this “article” on the breakdown of spam filters, and could only wonder who the hell the “expert” was and what he was thinking.

The idea that 30 spams per day per mailbox is beyond critical, bordering on chaos, is simply ridiculous. I know I get five times that per day, and my server side and client side spam filters make sure only one or two mails actually get through. I recently opened up a Gmail account, and from it I not only get zero spam, but periodic views of the web-based spam folder lead me to believe Google’s filters are doing a damn good job (meaning I have found only a couple of false positives in several weeks of use).

As I read further down the page, I realize the expert is pushing some proprietary challenge-response system. While I personally have few issues with challenge-response, I now have issues with the publication for trying to pulling the fast one, even if they did call it a “media release.”

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