Stupid move in a world of unlimited reach

We live in a world of unlimited reach.

What you say has long been held against you, but it was sometimes hard to prove you said it in the first place (unless the conniving creep you were talking to had a tape recorder hidden in their jacket, or was a spin doctor hell bent on your destruction). Now, what you email can be archived for eternity, and what you write on your website is saved for posterity via Google. And both can and will be circulated with or without your knowledge, and read by many.

So when I hear some guy posting to his supposedly “non-violent” website that the poor folks in New Orleans should engage in violence against police, National Guardsmen, and even the US President, I just have to wonder what the hell the guy was thinking. Now he has the Secret Service questioning him, and some folks saying what he did is no big deal.

As far as I am concerned, he, and his supporters, need to get a clue. If you are going to voice opinions like that in this day and age, you need to show some level of care regarding the who’s and how’s, or be ready to suffer the consequences.

If you don’t get what I am trying to say, march over to Seth’s Blog and pick up the ebook “Who’s There?”, and you should understand the point.

This isn’t about censorship, or having to worry about black-booted government types knocking down your door; it is about being smart (and showing a little respect for those trying to help even if they don’t go about it perfectly, all the time).

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