The Gates of Ladore lead to teamwork

I spent the last week rafting the Green River through Dinosaur National Monument. Four days on the water, and five nights in a tent. Accompanied by seven other people who together created an adventure beyond easy comparison. Yes, it was laid back, fun, exciting. But what I didn’t expect was actually learning something besides how to row a boat. That something was about being dialed in.

Most of the folks I was with knew a hell of a lot about what they were doing. Together they rigged and unrigged a bunch of boats, negotiated some crazy rapids, camped in some desolate places, and ate some fine meals. Nobody had a problem with anyone else, everyone pitched in, and things went extremely smooth. And these folks were, for the most part, amateurs. What they had within themselves was passion for their sport, something I have mentioned is oft worthy of additional investment. Combining knowledge with passion made them fire on all cylinders – nary a beat was missed. And even when there was a hiccup, they resolved the matter with lightning quick efficiency, and laughed about it afterwards.

We landed on a take out ramp last Thursday evening, and I was left wanting for a little more. I didn’t figure out exactly what that “more” was until early this morning.

I want a team like that, running seamlessly and seemingly effortlessly with full knowledge of what it takes to accomplish the goals, and having fun all the way along, in my next venture.

That group knows who they are – I just want to thank them again for the experience.

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