The hack won’t always be that easy

I agree, to an extent, with the commentary over at the Register that paints hackers as casual thugs. It is awfully easy to connect to a free wi-fi hotspot, phish away for a few hours, then disappear into the dark. However, I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t be that easy for that long. Exploits may take strange shapes, but if a guy like Kevin Mitnick (a smart cookie) can get tracked around by cell phone signal (and many years ago to boot) and eventually busted, then I doubt the weekend warrior thief is going to dodge the bullet of the law for too long.

Of course, with data thieves getting mere slaps on wrist for stealing from internet users, it is no wonder the crime is viewed so casually.


Niel McLaren says:

There is a lot of difference between using a cell phone (something that is usually registered under your name, and can have it’s position tracked), and driving by and connecting to someone’s WiFi. And don’t give me some bull about being tracked by your MAC address, it is easy enough to change.


From michael..

FIrst, I didn’t state that some technology was available right this moment – I said it would eventually happen. Second, the suspicious grandmother living next door is enough tech to get a law officer to drive by someone’s car while they are hacking WiFi. It is not if nobody has been caught doing this yet.

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