All roads lead to advertisers

Email spam, spyware, ID theft, viruses and every other internet scourge took a back seat this week to spam blogs. Google’s Blogspot got pummeled by an automated spam blog creation attack, and now legit bloggers, blog search engines, and every other product and service with “B”, “L”, “O”, and “G” in the name is blaming Google.

Blame they should, but don’t hold your breath waiting for Google to fix the problem. Why?

Google is getting a cut of the advertising revenue, that’s why. Now I am not accusing Google of doing anything shady. What I am saying is that when you are offering a free service (in this case Blogger), and able to generate ancillary revenue from it (though Adsense), then there isn’t going to be a big rush to clean up any problems. The fact is that Blogger allows its users to generate content, which in turn drives relevant ads for the blogger and Google. All roads lead to big advertising revenue, and Google is directing traffic.

The root issue is that Blogger is free. And now sploggers have found a way to produce new sites on the fly. Until Google requires new users to jump through a lot of hoops to get a blog up, and/or charges a nominal fee for it via credit card, this will continue to be a big problem regardless of what technical horsepower and human intervention Google jumps at.

And if advertisers figure out what is going on and start screaming bloody murder, Google may start paying attention.

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