Are authentication troubles deeper than folks think?

A marketing trade group starts requiring its members to use authentication, but Techdirt says its a joke that only leads to more problems.

I don’t have much of an opinion on it either way, as the whole authentication battle seems like a bunch of monkeys in a barrel. But I seem to have been effected by Microsoft’s moves with Sender ID.

I am a Comcast SMTP user, and I can’t get any mail through to Hotmail or MSN addresses anymore. The secure help section at Comcast says they and MS are “working on the issue.” Is this problem a result of Microsoft requiring Sender ID compliance with Hotmail/MSN, or am I missing something big here?


J.D. Falk says:

If Hotmail had started blocking any sender that doesn’t have a SenderID record, there’d be a lot more noise about it than just a few delayed Comcast messages.

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