Find me the politician, and I will vote for him

Plato call the four political virtues wisdom, temperance, courage, and justice. I am hard pressed, off the top of my head, to think of a politician who holds them all dear, so I will break it down…


You have to know what is good, and how it applies to the bigger picture. Thinking about how that good can enrich the community is the goal, not how to line your own pockets. Not that there is anything wrong with lining your pockets, but business is the forum for that, not politics.


Self-restraint is almost non-existent. Huge ad budgets and rallies, and overly long-winded speeches talking about one’s self are hardly exemplary of moderation. Drawn out wars (with “just trust me” reasons) and too many strange women in the Oval Office (at odd hours) do not cut it either.


Knowing the seriousness of the issues is one thing – risking your position to protect the good is quite another. Few exercise on the latter, as it is just not “good politics.” It is bowing to peer pressure in the climb to power which negates this virtue. Makes you wonder why second-term presidencies are such a dismal failure nowadays.


There are few standards for right and wrong in today’s politics. Laws are passed at the whims of those in power. But there is enough mistreatment of others on the political scene to conclude that this virtue is a scarcity among those circulating that realm.

Any takers on all accounts? I don’t think so.

And as always, thanks go out to the contributors.

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