How much is that startup in the window?

Depends on who is holding the purse strings.

World governments might be trying to dip their hands into the venture capital pie, or (more likely) they just don’t have a clue what they are talking about. What politico really does? The end result will be that they screw something up.

I suspect that most big firms won’t pay much attention to what their prevailing government does, unless one of their general partners has political aspirations. And most small firms won’t hit the radar. But it still makes sense to know where your capital is coming from.

Build your company like you mean it, don’t take any cash that is remotely related to some government – there are going to be too many strings attached. Then make it profitable and bring in the public, if your game is loving that company, and you have the will, the means and the skills to deal with those markets and all their nuances. Otherwise, sell it to one of the behemoths out there with loads of cash. You may be better off sitting on a beach someplace.

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