When old isn’t so “old” – and as for the new…

A couple of weeks back I commented that some of the “old” dot-com ideas that CNET shot down might not deserve the slamming they got. The premise was that some of the dot-com failures had merit in one way or another, and not to be surprised if some of the same business models rear their not-so-ugly heads again and make someone a lot of money.

Well, the October ’05 issue of Business 2.0 has an article entitled “Everything Old Is New Again” that suggests much the same thing.

Now, I am neither suggesting that Erick Schonfeld got the idea for this article from Thought Market, nor am I suggesting I am some brilliant genius. It is just nice to know that other folks are thinking the same way about some technology-based business models, particularly when it comes to the web (something I am still very bullish on).

Interestingly though, Schonfeld also noted that investors are going nuts for models that revolve around the latest concepts: blogs, social networking, user-generated content. Why do I find this so interesting? Because some colleagues and I are working on a project that involves all three buzzwords, simultaneously, and I thought it might be fun to tease you a bit.

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