Why bother Spamroll?

I get about a hundred comment and trackback spams a week. I know there are others who get a lot more, so it doesn’t bother me too much. And I know that a lot of these comment spams and stupid pings are automated, but I just have to laugh nonetheless.

Anyone dumb enough to spam a spam site deserves what they are getting. And what they are getting is added to a blacklist, and I pull no punches. Even if I only cleaned them up once a month, everything is moderated, so all the spams are useless until I get around to trashing them. And even if I never trashed them (which I only do to keep the database clean), Spamroll runs “no follow” anyway.

In summary: To all you spammers, you are just wasting your time (and really not wasting much of mine, as it only takes about five minutes per week to make you disappear).


At Email Battles, we have apparently been lucky. Maybe it’s because we don’t allow HTML posts and require commenters to solve a simple math problem before posting.

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