Why Macs don’t get attacked

A constant technical (and PR) revolves around why Apple computers don’t get attacked by malicious code. Some say it is because there are so few Macs, and that as the user base grows, so will the problems. Others say the security is inherent in OS X. What does Spamroll say?

It is probably a little of both. And comments from a recent article at BusinessWeek suggest the same.

I’d like to say I am sure my Powerbook never has any problems because it 1) lacks Windows registries, 2) isn’t compatible with older versions of Windows, 3) doesn’t have any communications ports turned on by default, 4) requires I provide administrator login information when I make major changes (like installing programs), 5) and is generally built on a solid UNIX platform (which I just so happen to trust a bit more than Windows). But I would be lying. He he.

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