Advertising on a feed near you

The Red Herring is touting the new found popularity of RSS, by noting advertising’s move to the feed. Google, Pheedo and a few others implemented this feature a while back – Spamroll isn’t doing it yet, partly because I am lazy, and partly because I wonder if readers will view it as tantamount to spam.

I’ve reduced the number of ads on Spamroll as of late because I viewed the space as a little cluttered. While Spamroll is still ad supported, some of the competitors in the space have been pounding ads, and I always wanted Spamroll to be a little different as well. Nonetheless, I am curious as to what users think (particularly those using feed readers). Is RSS advertising an aggravation readers do not want to see (like spam), or something they might find useful?

Lend me your thoughts.

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