Blood lust, or loving the underdog?

Call it bad blood if you want, but anytime a company is going through CFOs like I go through caddis flies, I have to wonder what kind of mess might be brewing at the company. Some are speculating that Larry Ellison is just too hard to work with – frankly I love the guy for his salesmanship (or just plain big balls, whichever you prefer). Yes, he may take his cockiness to extremes, but why the hell should he care. Got billions, do whatever the hell you want. I’d take the job if I wasn’t so fricken unqualified!

Nevertheless, with several recent acquisitions and a lot of competition in its markets, Oracle may just have strayed from its core for too long.

Why do I say that? Well, I look around and all I see is MySQL. Its running this site. Its being used to test a new app a colleague and I are working on. For God’s sakes, its running on my Powerbook! Not that I am the end-all be-all of database programmers, but the damn shit works, and for the most part it’s free! Who wouldn’t take that deal?

Maybe people should quit questioning Ellison’s attitude, and just assume that either the company hasn’t found a CFO who isn’t a wimp, or that Oracle has strayed for too long and now it’s catching up with them.

It makes me wonder, nonetheless, whether P&G’s top finance guy will sweat bullets and head for the exit once his company’s numbers aren’t so “strong.”

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