Bring on the Lawyers

Didn’t take long: A week after Sony’s spyware-like DRM was discovered, class action attorneys are investigating Sony and the XCP2 copy protection. I received this email from Ethan Preston, a long-time Spamroll reader (and attorney)…

Some affiliated law firms and I are investigating a possible consumer class action against Sony Music Entertainment Corp. (”Sony”) for selling “CD”-like media encoded with the XCP2 copy protection scheme, without properly disclosing XCP2 copy protection program’s nature or effects on its users’ computers.

If you or anyone you know has purchased a compact disc with the XCP2 copy protection program (apparently most of Sony’s releases since August 2005) and played or attempted to pay the compact disc on a Windows personal computer, you may have a claim against Sony and other parties.

Ethan asks that interested readers contact him at ep (at), or here:

Ethan Preston
150 South Wacker
Suite 2600
Chicago, IL 6060
(312) 346-8700 ex. 108

CNET called this already, but I’m glad I’ve at least heard it from someone I know too.


You can also reach Mr. Preston via this contact form.

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