How to pay for the new PC now?

Telecommuting may be a new age way to make your money, but there are always going to be some frustrations. Its a tradeoff for running your own show, in your bathrobe.

But if the PC industry thought it was going to be a boon for them, they should think again. Independents may have to spend that spare change paying taxes to states they don’t live in.

None of this surprises me. The same thing happened while I was working at Andersen. We traveled all the time, and states knew it. All of a sudden, we were forced to denote the state we were working in on our timesheets.

My last year there, I filled out a dozen state income tax forms. Ugh. Good thing my employer supplied me with fresh laptops all the time (although that was mostly because they were still getting smaller by leaps and bounds at the time, and I would always complain about shoulder and back problems..he he).

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