More comparison without the “fruit” pun

A while back I bought a Mac, not really caring whether it was a frivolous purchase. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that it was at least as usable as Windows, and could be tweaked hardcore like my dual-booting Linux-running Dell C840.

After picking up a Cinema Display to go with the little Powerbook, the Dell didn’t last long. Of course, I find it ironic, as Michael Dell once said Apple wouldn’t last long.

BusinessWeek just got done saying what a difference eight years can make, and I say “what a difference a few weeks (and a little curiousity) can make.” That’s how long it took for me to mothball the Dell (and then finally sell it to a colleague, deeply discounted of course, as pricing comparisons warranted it).

Now Apple is marching down the Intel road, and I can only imagine all the compatibility arguments people make about Macs flying out the Windows (pun intended). Meanwhile, I received some logos for a new beta project (double super top secret) that I am working on with a few friends, and I happily opened them up in the open source community’s answer to Adobe Photoshop prices, GIMP, and went about my business of being a marketing/presence critic (even though I am still just the finance geek).

Despite my not wanting to turn into some type of tech-evangelist, I will say this: I am not changing computing platforms anytime soon.

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