Strength in 5 numbers

Peter Kaminski is getting a lot of blog spam with 5-digit numbers imbedded in the messages. He’s made some tweaks to SpamLookup to take care of the problem, but has me reeling with curiosity now.

What is the significance of the five digits in the spams? Someone please tell me before I pull what little hair I have left out!


Hi Michael, Could the 5-digit string possibly just be random data to foil spam-hashing algorithms? Kind of like the numbers some spammers put in their email spams for the same reason?

Michael Gracie says:


I don’t think SpamLookup would react like that, as it works on a combination of keyword filtering, link identification and counts, and blacklists/whitelists. In essence, fighting the notions comment spammers need for publicity. I asked Peter what he thought, over at his site.

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