You had me at the tagline

Ira Williams, a colleague of Seth Godin, just published a “manifesto” entitled ChangeThis :: Speak Softly. I heard about it from Seth’s blog, and clicked over.

The first thing I see is this statement from Ira:

To be humble is not to be weak. To be humble is to be strong. Americans need to regain their humility.

I would rarely venture to read a marketing “manifesto,” but that line kicked me hard, and now it’s on the weekend list. The statement is just too profound (and timely) to risk passing up more of the same.

I have often viewed being humble AS a weakness. More willing to cut losses and move on, than fight a fight that isn’t worth fighting in the name of winning versus gaining, can create self-doubt. After reading Ira’s words, maybe that self-doubt is misquided.

I just realized there is a lot I don’t understand, and just maybe American don’t either. Onto learning more.

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