Google Adsense trojan…hmm?

A web programmer is claiming he found a trojan that reformats Google referral buttons into text ads, the purpose of getting someone to click through to an alternative site.

Manipulating JavaScript at the browser isn’t too difficult, which is why most browsers give you the option of turning JavaScript off altogether. A pre-infected machine, like one running some adware laden browser toolbar, would make the process even easier. But I have to wonder about the example.

Shown is a rectangular text ad, but Google doesn’t offer such sizes for its referral buttons. The biggest Google referral block offered is 468 X 60, for a banner, and 120 X 60 for a block. The glaring example shown is a 336 X 280 text ad. So either the web page developer left a lot of whitespace (or in this case, bluespace), or we are not getting the full story here.

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