Holding my tongue on Symantec

I try touting the need for anti-virus software, no matter what platform you are on (but especially Windows…wink wink) I was a loyal user of Norton Anti-Virus on the little Powerbook, even though Symantec tripped up now and then.

But I have several conflicting data points now, and am beginning to wonder. At first glance, Norton may seem like the best of the worst, and that is certainly better than the alternative. But the company can’t seem to make much money from being at the right place at the right time, and now we find that their anti-virus software may have some serious holes. Even if the exploits are the result of hackers bored with trashing Microsoft, it pays to be fair. I found alternatives to Microsoft’s OS, so why shouldn’t I look for alternatives to Norton.

Someone throw me a bone here.

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