In about a month, this site is through

It may continue, but the name is going to have to change, and the subject matter tweaked as well. Why? Because Bill Gate’s two years are up, and spam is about to be yesterday’s news.

If Microsoft had been able to push Sender ID just a little harder (or make some friends along the way), it may have been a non-issue by now. But that hasn’t happened. I won’t pick on Bill personally – he was willing to give up the reins to pursue pure geekdom as Chief Software Architect, and spend more time on philanthropic causes (both which are highly commendable). This is the company’s shortfall.

On a lighter note, I have received more spam in the last month (up from roughly one message PER WEEK to the present 20 or so PER DAY). Guess it is just the giving season. On an even lighter note, none of that spam has been coming from Hotmail (but maybe I am just not getting ANY mail from them).


Oops – I take back the no spam from Hotmail comment – I just got one.

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