Information overload the cure for couch potatoes

To all you couch potatoes (you know who you are), there is some good news in your fight against lethargy. It turns out that the digital home entertainment craze is slow goings, with folks using their media PCs for computing instead of fun.

The media PC gang is blaming home networking headaches – I say it is a case of information overload. People are inundated with internet this, internet that, compute this, read that, email in, out, someone’s IMing you, da-te-da-te-da. Who the heck wants to try settling in their living room, when the threat that they can so easily hop on their Yahoo! Mail lingers so closely?

In summary, if you want off the sofa, just buy a media PC and a big ‘ol screen, then you can comfortably run out to the movies.


The digital living room made a list of top 10 failed tech trends for 2005. Good.

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