Microsoft starts pledge drive

And it isn’t about raising money for charity.

Amy Roberts, Director of Product Management for Microsoft’s Security Technology Unit, is speaking out about the company’s efforts to educate computer users about security.

Simple steps like running a firewall, regular updates, and anti-virus and anti-spyware are much the same tune being sung by others. If you took off the tech hat and added notes on covering your butt against ID theft and identifying phishing lures (like this one), you might have a pretty decent anthology on staying out of trouble.

Of course, everyone could just reformat their hard drives and install this operating system, or you could skip the next three payments on that SUV lease and buy an Apple.

But alas, Microsoft is actually doing a good thing here. I love the whole “education” bit – if the company actually spends some of its pile of cash pushing this “pledge drive,” the world will be a better place. And maybe you should ignore the alternative options I made above – if Ms. Roberts is getting invites to parties so she can spend time turning on firewalls and such, I’d hate to hear I ruined her social life (no personal shot against Amy intended – I do the same for my friends).

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