Staying safe this holiday season

There is no doubt that a lot of the holiday gifts rolling off the shelves about now are going to be the newfangled electronic kind. And some of the recipients are just going to plug those “gizmos” in and go. That flat screen TV, the new mini-stereo and the remote controlled blender are probably immune to the need for reading directions – that new PC (and a bunch of other storage devices, phones, and the like) may not be. It is not just about connecting that shiny new machine to the net, and getting infected with some virus, malware, or other computing malignancy inside of the first 20 minutes it is on – it is about data security as well. All those pictures and music you upload are valuable content – you have to protect it. The address book in your cell phone even more so.

So in the grand scheme of staying safe this holiday season, here are a few tips worth following.

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