The sun is still shining bright, and..

I had a fair inkling that the Colorado-based political blog thing would continue to raise ire, but I didn’t suspect it would come from the inside out.

The word came down from Gov. Bill Owens that state employees can no longer post comments at from state-run computers. The clue-in came from a commenter who was using state machine(s) to do their dirty work, which included a bit of bashing. State officials claim they can’t figure out who did it.

Where do we go from here?

Plenty of choices for everyone…

1) Get the tech folks inside the capital to track down the proxy address of the computer in question, dust its keyboard for fingerprints, and sack the perpetrator. Why? They were wasting taxpayer dollars posting when they should have been working – they are obviously an unnecessary resource;

2) Give kudos to the employee who did it from their co-worker’s machine (pretty sneaky) while wearing latex gloves – but do it off-campus; Meanwhile, remind this person that if you are going to do some bashing, try to make sure the targets are actually deserving of it (some of the names mentioned don’t fit the bill – it smells like someone was trying a bit too hard to look bipartisan);

3) Engage in a wide-ranging attack on free speech by forcing all telecommunications carriers licensed by the state to block transmission to whatever IP addresses they deem unsuitable for consumption;

4) On behalf of the advertisers of ColoradoPols whose deals are about to expire, ignore the issue;

5) On behalf of ColoradoPols, make it an even bigger issue.

Outside of all that, I have to wonder if the state actually knows someone is posting, or are they just seeing internal log entries pointed at individual entries on the MovableType-based site? We may never know the source of the frustration, but we can be certain of one thing. ain’t over yet.

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