What’s your shade of hack?

I was at a party one night, and the subject of Skype came up. Some of the guests started cringing at all the free communication talk – they worked at a telco, of course. Then one proceeded to ask me “if I was some kind of hacker.” The person had absolutely no idea what they were asking, and I could only chuckle to myself. I couldn’t hack my way out of a wet paper bag.

Nonetheless, for everyone who doesn’t understand the term “hacker,” which is generally used in the mainstream to represent someone who breaks into computers, here are some definitions, in terms even my dog could understand.

Lets also add to it, by noting that a hacker can and often is someone who doesn’t deal with computer security at all. He or she could be someone who performs “hacks” on computer software, creating and combining to produce something better from something prior.

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