Yes, you are suckers

According to Steven Roemerman, precisely “81% of you are suckers,” and I am going to agree. Fortunately, Steven is no blowhard (like me). Instead of just smearing all of you, he has provided some simple, straightforward tips to keep your [Windows] machine safe from intruders.

Unfortunately, I look at the scenario a bit differently. I think 81% of you are running Windows instead of some hardy flavor of Linux or OS X, and that is what makes you a sucker. But that is just one [virus, adware, spyware, malware, pop-up, zombie, ping-barrage and relatively spam* and phish* free] person’s opinion.

*Garnered through a combination of Linux server-based SpamAssassin and a cute (but quite effective) Entourage spam filter, while sitting behind my WPA-equipped (hacked Netgear) router and OS X (stealth) firewalls. The remote mini-cams out on the streets (for Wi-Fi thief surveillance), the 4096 bit encrypted satellite uplink on the roof (for secure instant messaging), and my witness protection program hotline number are of no major consequence.

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