Are MySpace and Facebook playing with spyware?

myspace.gifGetting millions upon millions of users can be had through sheer brilliance – superior service, superior marketing, superior management. Those superiors cannot be credited to building zombie botnets, or buying spam lists. Nor can it be attributed to distributing spyware. MySpace and Facebook are being investigated by some diligent bloggers, who have found some shady dealings in and around the services. While a tarnished past can be redeemed, you just have to wonder here – how did those services grow so large, so fast?facebook.gif

By the way, you can be sure Fox News is NOT going to be following this story.


Brian McWilliams is following a related story about MyFriendBot creator Anthony Lineberry, and how MySpace is threatened him with a lawsuit over his add-on product. Linberry denies any wrongdoing.

Someone could be using MyFriendBot for the wrong reasons, but you have to wonder whether these threats are a diversionary tactic.

***UPDATE 2***

Meanwhile, MySpace has hired a “safety czar”. They can’t be too serious about the privacy/security issues – their hire is a former Microsoft guy.


Taming the MySpace monster

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