BellSouth’s unsurprisingly stupid move

BellSouth “finally” announced that they are going to throttling down internet transport for content providers that don’t pay up. Well, actually they said they would be providing better service for those that paid, but what they really mean is the former.

As Bill Smith, CTO at Bell South, pointed out: “Higher usage for broadband services drives more costs that we have to recover.”

If they can’t recover costs of transport, then why in the hell do they continue lowering prices for broadband access?!

The reason is simple: because they’re desperate, because they lack vision, because they just can’t compete.


Jeff Pulver is making a plea to Eric Schmidt of Google to simply turn off Bell South. No content, no need for broadband, no customers. Making that work assumes telcos like Bell South are rational business people. Yea, right. We’ll wait and see how it all turns out.

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