Five-dollar spam still has legs

The rigamarole over Qwest charging $5 for every spam email someone sends still hasn’t ended. The bottom line is, however, that no matter how much one clarifies the Qwest broadband TOCs, it is still going to reak havoc.

Everyone’s grandparents are still going to get a zombie infection now and then, and their computer is going to spew out some mail. They are going to get a big bill, and then the games will begin. Qwest could use a page out of Australian ISPs’ playbooks – shut down infected accounts rather than commit to the path they are taking now.


And the band plays on and on at Broadband Reports, with users still wondering why Qwest can’t put their promises in writing.

And I have to ask again..why does the provider have to terminate accounts or charge out the ass? To protect the innocent, a spamming account should be TEMPORARILY disabled, so zombie-fied machines can be cleaned up.

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