From “Early Adopter” To “Disposables” User

I used to buy the latest of everything technological. Whether it be desktop, laptop, PDA, or cell phone, I had it first. I’d get a new one, and give the old one to a family member or friend. Year after year. Then something strange happened. I gave up desktops, and found a decent laptop with all the features I needed. It hasn’t failed once in roughly a year, so I hold onto it (probably for at least another year or two). The cell phone on my desk has gone two years (my last record was three months). I don’t even have a PDA anymore, as my cell phone stores most important numbers, and my laptop is small enough to take with on all meetings and travels.

Why do I stick with these things now versus the constant churn in the past? Quality, and disposability.

I stick with products from Apple and Nokia for one, which are generally know for their quality. But I’ve also foregone whizbang newfangledness for the peace of mind that if I scratch it, drop it, break it, or lose it, I can pick up a new one with more features at a cheaper price, even weeks later. I don’t know if other “early adopters” are headed this route now, but if they are, it bodes well for commoditized products such as computers and consumer electronics, and maybe not so well for those on the cutting edge.

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