Judging “books” in a fast paced world

Never judge a book by its cover – an oft quoted phase coined to remind people that outward appearances can be deceiving. A book could be “handicapped” by its appearance, but grand, nonetheless. And it may take years for folks to figure this out.

Unfortunately, we’ve come to a point in our world where everyone is in a rush. In a world of snippets and sound bytes, the tactic now is to “read the inside cover,” and make an instant decision. Jumping to conclusions is the norm, and it may just be necessary for survival. With regard to books, online reviews are certainly useful. But it begs the question…where are your stars-4-5.gif‘s going to be posted?


Hi, Michael,

I posted some links to interesting sites that praise and/or mock book covers on one of my writing blog’s category pages; you might enjoy some of those. Here’s a link.

I also plan on occasional observances of my own about book covers — usually about artists’ gaffes, poor match of covers to books, or unintentional humor. Here’s a link to my only posting on the topic so far.

Best rgds!

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