Looking For Charges, In All The Wrong Places

The saga of struggling (and stupid) telecomm companies doesn’t only continue..its accelerating.

The telcos can’t “create” their way out of wet paper bags, so they want to charge service providers for access to their lines. Of course, this will just stifle innovation and piss everyone off, but the telcos don’t care. And if you think this isn’t going to happen just because the Chairman of the FCC thinks its a bad idea, think again. Some of the players are already prepping for it by again lowering prices for broadband access – you know they are thinking they are about to pick up the lost revenue on the backside. Of course, if they can’t make up for the fact they add little value, they can always hide egregious surcharges in their terms and conditions, strapping customers when they least expect it.

The tide moving fast against them nonetheless, with the day of reckoning for the landline drawing ever so near. The latest and greatest in really bad news for the folks who can’t innovate: Netgear has announced it will soon be offering a Skype-compatible Wi-Fi phone, which means that Skype users are getting unshackled from their computers. Throw in the latest offering from the traditional telco nemesis Vonage, a similar piece of equipment and service, and you have the makings for even more lost revenue as a result of sheer ignorance.

The telcos will propose more of the same, lock and block, and piss off customers. Meanwhile, life (meaning great new services) will simply find another way, and leave the dummies out in the cold.


The innovators won’t wait, even if it means penetrating and lassoing wireless technologies into the mix. Where are the big carriers in all this? Nowhere.

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