getting millions of hits

Unfortunately, they are not the kind of hits any webmaster wants.

Alex Tew put up a site that collected a dollar per pixel for advertising space. It was a brilliant idea, and he made a million on it. Now, scumbags are coming out of the woodwork for their take, and perpetrating a DDoS attack since the founder won’t pay up.

Tew sold the space on the page for something like ten years. That is a long time to fight extortionists. I wonder what his terms of service are.


It looks like one of the advertisers, in fact the last one in (who paid $38K for the spot on eBay), is none too happy with the site being down. The threat of lawsuit is now lingering in the pixels.


It’s certainly unfortunate that any person or group would hold a site “ransom” via a DDoS attack, although it happens all the time. Alex had a great idea with the milliondollarhomepage site and shouldn’t be targeted for his successes. Let’s hope the FBI and NHTCU are able to identify the culprit(s).
I have my own site, , which puts a new spin on the pixel ad concept by selling by the BYTE instead. I have to hand it to Alex… it takes a good deal of work and time to set up the site, process ads & try to get the word out… I know I would hate to have to deal with the headache of a DDoS attack. Maybe it’s to be expected that once you reach some degree of success, there will be those who try to knock you down.

All seems ok at moment.

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