New communications trend – Instant Acquisitions

Akonix just announced that they tracked more instant message spam in 2005 than any other year since they began checking out the phenom. This news should surprise nobody, as instant messaging use is still growing strong; at major vendors of the services we’re talking double digit rates.

Timely enough, venerable security software company Symantec announced they are buying IM security vendor IMLogic. IMLogic code is injected into grandslams like Microsoft Office Live Communications Server, as well as McAfee (a Symantec preferred partner) products.

I don’t know where Symantec is going with this, so I will continue holding my tongue. I just hope they aren’t trying to buy their way out of some recent problems.


As most of the IMing going on in the enterprise is done on the sly, even BusinessWeek thinks instant messaging security is a tough sell.

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