Old OS X Flaws – Fact or Fud?

OSX.jpgNeil Archibald says OS X is full of ancient security flaws, and that the time is nigh for Apple users to get hammered over it.

“The only thing which has kept Mac OS X relatively safe up until now is the fact that the market share is significantly lower than that of Microsoft Windows or the more common UNIX platforms.… If this situation was to change, in my opinion, things could be a lot worse on Mac OS X than they currently are on other operating systems, regarding security vulnerabilities,” said Archibald

Neil may be right – Apple hasn’t had the need to pound the code, because the operating system is thinly used. Nevertheless, bug discoveries are few, yet patches are always flowing; and don’t forget the system is based on BSD, which has been noted as being very secure.

What really got me in this story was the plug for Microsoft’s code auditing standards, which took hold after the Trustworthy Computing Initiative was rolled out. Had I not seen that, I would have bought into the whole idea without a second thought.

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