Politicos Rewrite Wikipedia “History”

wikipedia.jpgPoliticians and their cohorts have once again proven they have little to do except cover their own butts. They’ve spent who-knows-how-many-taxpayer-dollars making false entries in Wikipedia, never realizing that their tracks were glowing flourescent green on a dark wooded path. The politicos still don’t get it, and they never will. It takes, at minimum, amoebic intelligence to figure it out, but that is something they simply do not possess.

“We already know, of course, that politicians live primarily for re-election and typically view the truth as an impediment to the higher purpose of unfettered self-aggrandizement,” said Declan McCullagh.

You may know, Mr. McCullagh, but most of the citizenry doesn’t quite get it yet. However, given enough time, enough distribution channels, and enough idiocy, they will.


Spamroll says:

Homeland Security gets an “F” on cybersecurity

I was going to say something like “three Fs and your out,” but we are stuck with them and their cute little color coded scare scheme, so be it. The Department of Homeland Security graded a complete failure on computer…

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